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05-07 of June

Become a part of ideny

Presale goes on

05-07 of June

Become a part of ideny

Presale goes on

05-07 of June

Become a part of ideny

WEB3 presence

Gain reputation, register your domains and connect to reliable communities with a web3 achievement system

Why ideny

  • register your domain
  • connect all the accounts to one 
  • showcase your expertise 
  • find like-minded people
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Ideny lets you register personal domain names that link to addresses on blockchains. You can also connect your name to PFPs, social media accounts, IPFS content hashes, and other sources.
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of Web 3.0
In Web 3.0, digital identity and social graphs ensure accurate user data. As blockchain technology and decentralized apps gain popularity, it's necessary to differentiate real users from bots by digitizing them as living or non-living entities
user data
Flawed decision-making, ineffective marketing strategies, security breaches, and fraud can result from inaccurate user data. Thus, identity verification and social graph analysis are crucial to prevent such issues
Identity verification
Identity verification helps in ensuring that only real individuals are using a platform or application. It can be achieved through various methods such as biometric verification, government-issued identification, or social media profiles. By verifying identity, platforms can prevent fake accounts, spam, and other malicious activities.
Social graph analysis
Social graph analysis can help platforms identify influencers and understand user behavior patterns, which can be valuable for targeted marketing and personalized user experiences. By analyzing user social connections, platforms gain insight into user relationships
Idens is an achievement system where users can prove their value to the community and gain reputation among web3. Creators of Idens can choose any condition for getting an achievement
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